Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hello My Darlings!!

         IMPORTANT  INFO       
 My school schedule has changed and
so has my availability!! Please check 
  here for daily availability.
I am not around today (Wednesday) lovers,
but I will be back on Thursday and Friday, 10 AM to 5 PM :-*
I can't wait to touch you!
Hello May!
It is National Masturbation Month, keep strokin' (and scrolling, LOL!)

   ♫ When I think about you...

Masturbation this month, kissing next month, anal sex right around the corner...this summer is gonna be hot, although, with you guys around, it seems like it is always hot around here! This month, in honor of National Masturbation Month, let's have a "Maysturbation!" special - An hour of touch designed to relax you in the best way possible, and it is such a treat for me...I would LOVE to touch you this week!!

Be sure you visit here first ( then text me to schedule (623-428-1602, keep it clean, darlings, I don't talk to naughty boys!) and come spend some time with me this week !!
You all do masturbate, right?
If you know me at all, or you read here very often, you know I am a BIG FAN of masturbation! While it certainly isn't as good as sharing orgasms with a partner (although mutual masturbation can be a awful lot of fun  ;-) ) masturbation is an important part of your sexual health.

For you guys, masturbation's biggest health benefit is in reducing the possibility of getting prostate cancer. Australian researchers have found that men who ejaculate five times a week lessen their chances of getting prostate cancer by one third....ONE THIRD!! Now, you can consider having sex in that five times a week, after all it is ejaculation that matters, but seriously, if you aren't having sex five times a week, then you need to take matters into your own hands, LOL!

So how else is masturbation good for you? Well, for you gents who have trouble with erections, masturbation can help keep your blood flowing, and healthy circulation to your genitals will help you out immensely in the hard-on department. Masturbation is also an excellent stress reliever!

Now, go clicky the pic and read more health benefits, then get your stroke on! Next week, we will talk about the health benefits for women, and some of my favorite toys for alone time :-D
Almost every day!

Now, your earworm for the week ;) Maturbating with a magazine!
My name is Kiley and I am an Intimate Touch Specialist, Sex Educator and Coach
 catering to discerning gentlemen, lovely ladies and adventurous couples.
Helping you discover your full body pleasure is my passion.

 I am a mature, sensual, busty, voluptuous and very open-minded BBW living and
playing in north Phoenix, near 7th Street and the 101. I love to start and end every session with a warm hug, and I love kissing! I am a woman of many interests and many talents...a laid back hippie chick with a taste for taking my time and enjoying you.

I love a sexy body stretched out before me, anticipating my touch,
and all parts of you are sexy to me.
Not a "massage", a caress...soothing and sensual, a feeling you will never forget.
Intelligent, open-minded, playful and sensual, I enjoy the human body and delight in bringing pleasure through my touch. I incorporate a variety of modalities in our time together including Sacral Cranial Stimulation, Reflexology and Reiki. To enhance your sensory experience, light bondage and blindfolds can also be incorporated into our time together and if you like, we can check up on your prostate health ;)

I also have a male partner who can be available with a little notice, if you are interested in a couple to couple encounter, or a couple to you alone encounter;) He has great hands !!

Soothing atmosphere, soft lights, gentle music, glowing candles and you and me.
No constantly ringing phones, no interruptions, just a peaceful, unrushed time spent together.
I am not an assembly line.
I prefer to spend time with very few and I choose who I wish to share that time with very carefully.

You may call or text me at 623-428-1602. I do prefer texting, however you will have to call for final directions to my location, so please be prepared.

I am usually only available Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between 10 AM and 5PM, but keep an eye on my availability at the top of this page, as it may change daily.

Please do not try to discuss inappropriate topics.
Questions or suggestions of a sexual nature will not be
 responded to and should you persist, I will end the call.
If I miss your call, please do leave me a voice mail including your name and a
number where I can call you back. If I am not able to return your call within one hour, I will not call you back. I also will not play voice mail tag with you unless you indicate that return voice mails are acceptable. Discretion is very important to me and I will not compromise your privacy.

Because I am very selective in my choice of ladies and gentlemen to spend time with, advanced scheduling is recommended. However I do have time set aside for those
who capture my fancy at the last moment.

Your respectful mutual touch is, of course, welcome and as we get to know each other I might even entertain the thought of YOU being MY masseuse...and I always insist on a happy ending ;-) !

Your time is valuable and my time is yours. Your gift (which is all inclusive) reflects the amount of time we spend together and is not in any way considered payment for sexual services.

30 minutes - available to regular clients only

60 minutes   $120

90 minutes   $180

Get to know the kinky me, visit

This is not an escort service or offer of prostitution. Money exchanged is for my time only and anything beyond that is a choice made between two consenting adults and not contracted for by the site or myself.