Saturday, September 23, 2017

Hello My Darlings!!

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💋 Get your funk on all weekend, honeybunches!! 💋

 💋 Have a beautiful weekend, lovers, I will be back on Tuesday!!💋
I can't wait to get your hands on me!
How was everyone's weekend?? I have been having the weirdest problem with my car, but we figured it out AND fixed it - YAY!! I had an interesting conversation last week, so this week, let's talk about the size of your penis...keep scrolling!
   ♫ And my balls are always bouncing...!
Well, September's weather is certainly improving! What a beautiful weekend it was!! And I cannot believe September is half over - spending time with you guys makes time fly!! Let's keep my Spetember special going, come enjoy my "Enough With This F*%&in' Heat Already!" Special - it might not be quite as hot out, but you still have a couple of weeks to enjoy an hour of touch designed with your relaxation and pleasure in mind...
I can't wait to touch you!!
      Be sure you visit here first ( then text me to schedule (623-428-1602, keep it clean, darlings, I don't talk to naughty boys!) and come spend some time with me this week !!
Do you worry about the size of your cock?
  You are probably average you know?

OK, I admit that I have seen a few cocks in my life, LOL! I am 53 years old, of course I have seen at least a couple few, LOL!! And one thing I can tell you is, the really big ones, the porn star size ones? are few and far between!

Studies over the last few years have found that the average penis size around the world is between 3.5 and 6.0 inches - here in the US the average erect size is around 5.5 inches. So chances are you are right in line with the average and there is not one darn thing wrong with that! This really interesting study found that women and men have different ieas about the ideal penis length, and for women, the ideal is more in line with the averages than the ideal for men. 

Can you make your cock bigger? No, but you can make it appear bigger - shaving your pubes will expose more of the length, losing a few pounds if you carry weight in your groin area will help too. Using a cock ring will help you stay hard, if that is a problem for you, and being fully hard will help your cock appear bigger too, so make sure you are using it regularly (even if you have to masturbate) so you don't lose it!!

One final thought - most women's vaginas are only 3.5-5.5 inches deep, so having an 8 incher can actually work against you...keep that in mind next time you think about how you wish your cock was bigger!! Now clicky on the map up there for more info on penis size around the world!

Now, your earworm for the month ;) She like to do the wild thing...
My name is Kiley and I am an Intimate Touch Specialist, Sex Educator and Coach
 catering to discerning gentlemen, lovely ladies and adventurous couples.
Helping you discover your full body pleasure is my passion.

 I am a mature, sensual, busty, voluptuous and very open-minded BBW living and
playing in north Phoenix, near 7th Street and the 101. I love to start and end every session with a warm hug, and I love kissing! I am a woman of many interests and many talents...a laid back hippie chick with a taste for taking my time and enjoying you.

I love a sexy body stretched out before me, anticipating my touch,
and all parts of you are sexy to me.
Not a "massage", a caress...soothing and sensual, a feeling you will never forget.
Intelligent, open-minded, playful and sensual, I enjoy the human body and delight in bringing pleasure through my touch. I incorporate a variety of modalities in our time together including Sacral Cranial Stimulation, Reflexology and Reiki. To enhance your sensory experience, light bondage and blindfolds can also be incorporated into our time together and if you like, we can check up on your prostate health ;)

I also have a male partner who can be available with a little notice, if you are interested in a couple to couple encounter, or a couple to you alone encounter;) He has great hands !!

Soothing atmosphere, soft lights, gentle music, glowing candles and you and me.
No constantly ringing phones, no interruptions, just a peaceful, unrushed time spent together.
I am not an assembly line.
I prefer to spend time with very few and I choose who I wish to share that time with very carefully.

You may call or text me at 623-428-1602. I do prefer texting, and I cannot guarantee that I will return voice mail messages - 
I really hate talking on the phone!!

I am usually available Monday through Friday between 10 AM and 5PM, but keep an eye on my availability at the top of this page, as it may change daily.

Please do not try to discuss inappropriate topics.
Questions or suggestions of a sexual nature will not be
 responded to and should you persist, I will end the call.
If I miss your call, you are welcome to leave a voice mail, but please do follow it with a text message if you want a response. If you are not able to text for whatever reason, you are welcome to email me at but please note, texting me gets you the quickest response.

Because I am very selective in my choice of ladies and gentlemen to spend time with, advanced scheduling is recommended. However I do have time set aside for those
who capture my fancy at the last moment.

Your respectful mutual touch is, of course, welcome and as we get to know each other I might even entertain the thought of YOU being MY masseuse...and I always insist on a happy ending ;-) !

Your time is valuable and my time is yours. Your gift (which is all inclusive) reflects the amount of time we spend together and is not in any way considered payment for sexual services.

30 minutes - available to regular clients only

60 minutes   $120

90 minutes   $180

I do hope you choose to spend some time with me, 
I look forward to touching you :-)

Get to know the kinky me, visit

This is not an escort service or offer of prostitution. Money exchanged is for my time only and anything beyond that is a choice made between two consenting adults and not contracted for by the site or myself.