Why Touch Is Important

Touch is the first sensation we experience when we are born. We are touched by the doctors, the nurses, our parents and our families. We begin to learn about the world around us through touch. As we grow, we are taught the difference between good touch and bad touch, and if we are lucky, we grow up in an atmosphere where the good touch surrounds us, we are hugged, we get our backs rubbed...people who grow up where affection is expressed through touch like this tend to grow up more likely to share this good touch with others!

Touch does so many good things for us. Massage, holding hands, hugging, even just a simple touch of the arm can give us a boost. When someone touches us, in that good touch kinda way, our brains are stimulated to release two very important chemicals, some of what I like to call happy brain goo ;) Both oxytocin and serotinon are released when we are touched in a good way, and these are both seriously happy-making chemicals. Oxytocin, or the "love hormone" gives us feelings of love, comfort and well-being. Serotonin, another happy-making brain chemical, also contributes to our sense of well-being, and lowered levels of serotonin are indicated in such things as irritability, inability to concentrate and even depression.

I have a theory, one that I hope to put to the test in the next couple of years, that through touch (a massage, a body rub, hugging...all the good touches) it might be possible to reduce the instances of things like mild depression, replacing pharmaceutical drug therapy with touch therapy. But I also have a theory that maybe what the general population considers good touch may not work for everyone...those involved in, say, the BDSM lifestyle may have different ideas on the subject of touch, and for them, the type of touch they need may be somewhat off the beaten path. Perhaps it is more consensual touch, in whatever form, that can be useful in improving our emotional outlook, raise our mood and wean us from  the pharmaceuticals that have become so prevalent in our lives.

Here is some research into touch you might find interesting...



I love to touch and I love using my touch to bring whatever bit of happiness I can to those I touch, however that may be accomplished ;) I do hope you and I can get together so I can spend some time touching you !